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Geospatial Search

Geospatial Search

The geospatial search application provides access to a variety of Arctic and Antarctic data. The available collections include: Polar Data and Metadata, RADARSAT Arctic SAR Imagery, RADARSAT Mosaics of the Antarctic, and Canadian Ice Service Sea Ice Charts.

Metadata Explorer

Metadata Explorer

The metadata explorer is an interactive data visualization that is designed to facilitate metadata and data discovery. This tool includes a variety of search filters, map and table perspectives, and an export feature for easy acquisition and reuse of search results.

Low Bandwidth Search

Low Bandwidth Search

PDC Lite is a geospatial search application aimed at supporting searches using reduced Internet resources.

Metadata API

Metadata API

This API is aimed at facilitating the acquisition and harvest of PDC metadata. A variety of endpoints are available to eliminate the need for bulk harvest and subsequent filtering. PDC currently offers metadata in two formats:

  • JSON-LD: This is the default format, structured to be compliant with standards.
  • XML: This is an optional format, structured to be compliant with ISO 19115 standards.

API endpoints and specifications can be viewed on the Swagger page.

CCADI Metadata

CCADI Metadata

The CCADI metadata aggregator provides compliant JSON-LD metadata that has been aggregated from the various CCADI member organizations. Metadata can be obtained by invoking the aggregator directly, or through the API endpoints. The current collection includes over 9,500 metadata records.

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CCIN provides research data management services and infrastructure for the Canadian Arctic and Antarctic research and monitoring communities.

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